FAQ Coffee Grinders

As always, we encourage you to choose the model you like best first. Either way, we have a few different factors to consider while choosing the right grinder.
If you are looking for an easy, small grinder to have with you, then the O6 Manual Coffee Grinder is the ideal option.
If you need a large-capacity grinder and your main goal is to use it in one place or transport it between home and the office, then O6 Slim Glass is for you.
If what you are in need of is a coffee grinder to take with you while doing outdoor sports, traveling long distances, or just having it everywhere, then O6 Slim is for you.

Vevok Chef coffee grinders use conical burr grinder cores. Hand grinders usually have conical burrs; they are quiet, require little energy to work, and have very little wastage, allowing an easy clean and less contaminated beans.

It’s recommended to do a quick cleanse of the grinder before use. This can be done by simply grinding beans on a medium setting and discarding the first-used grounds. Afterward, the grinder can be used normally.

Vevok Chef’s coffee grinders use an outer coarseness setting ring, which can be adjusted by moving it and following the indicators on top or bottom of it. For specific settings, please download the corresponding User Manual.

Periodically clean the outer part of the burr grinder with a soft brush or an air blower.
Follow the disassembly instructions to put apart the grinder and clean the inner mechanism.
Use a dry cloth, air blower, or soft brush to clean all the grinder parts.
While a wet cloth can be used to clean the outside and inside of the grinder, it’s imperative that all the parts are completely dry before using the grinder.
Do not submerge it in water.
If there is an accidental spill on the grinder, please air dry it completely before use.

To avoid odors, it’s important to maintain a good cleaning routine. In case the odor still appears, an extra step can be grinding white, dry rice. Once odorless, discard the rice and start using the grinder as if it were the first time.

While something we don’t recommend, it is possible to use an electric drill attached to the central shaft to grind faster.

For any special inquiry regarding particular cases, please contact Vevok Chef’s Customer Service.

Variations are considered normal and are expected with use. Unless there is a crack, the knobs should work perfectly.

The User Manuals, Instructions and more can be found here.

FAQ Spice Grinders

At the top of each spice grinder, or bottom part when being used, there is a little knob that can be turned. Twist it clockwise to tighten the mechanism and get a fine grind, or turn it counterclockwise to loosen the mechanism and get a coarse grind.

All our spice grinders can be cleaned using a damp cloth on the exterior, normal washing for the glass containers, and a dry cloth for the internal parts and mechanism. The internal mechanism should not be rinsed, submerged in water, placed on a wet surface, or get wet in any way. If it happens, please dry fast.

While we frequently use rock salt in our grinders, sea salt can also be used, as well as flakes. Different sizes will allow for different kinds of grinds.

Only dry herbs and spices can be ground in our grinders.

No. Please do not place the grinders in a dishwasher. Follow the cleaning instructions described in the manuals for a good cleaning.

FAQ Sales

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